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7Sparks2Freedom is owned and administered by Pastor Rick Atwell who has extensive experience in network marketing, business management and online income opportunities. Pastor Rick resides in Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA, is married and has 3 children, 3 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. Pastor Rick retired from ministry on 1/1/2018 but has dedicated his entire life in service to his God and in helping others beccome financially independant.

Administrative Assistance

Pastor Rick is assisted in his administrative dutues by Heather Conrad in Canada and Martin Araya in Argentina. We are  grateful to have such experienced admins for 7Sparks2Freedom and our members find them extremely versed and qualified to serve in their respective roles. We are humbled to have them on our great team.

Important For You!


 Our volunteer admin staff offers discrete and dependable assistance for all participants in the 7Sparks2Freedom system. Your confidentiality is assured and your personal information will never be sold or traded. We highly respect your privacy as well maintaining the expectation that our participants will respect the personal and confidential nature of this program. 


 You can trust in us – your privacy is our top priority 


 We guarantee fast and comprehensive assistance

with all of your questions and concerns.

Professional Legal & Tax Advice

 You need a competent and experienced Legal and Tax Professional in your corner as you utilize the 7Sparks2Freedom system. Our staff does not give nor is qualified to render such Legal or Tax advice to our participants. 

A Dependable System To Teach You How to Create Savings For All Your Financial Needs!

 Whether you need help with your finances goals, advice on theoretical matters or assistance with practical tasks using the system, you can count on us to help you get the job done.