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How many positions may a member purchase?
Five-Multiple (more than 1)  positions will be placed a minimum of 5 positions apart if purchased at the same time. All other positions are placed based on date and time-stamp of purchase.
What Countries May 7Sparks2Freedom Accept Members From?
All countires residents in the world are welcome to join 7Sparks2Freedom program excepting those on the U.S Terrorism Watch List Which Are:
North Korea
South Yemen
Must I refer anyone?
Yes-to be placed in the 4x1 Straight-Line Matrix, effective 8/1/2018, each new member must refer one new paid member. The referring member will be placed in the matrix once own personal position's payment has been conffirmed AND their referring member's position payment has been confirmed. The new referred member will be placed in the 4x1 Straight-Line matrix when he/she acquires their 1 paid referred member and that person's position payment has been confirmed.
How often Are Members Paid?
Members must submit thier withdrawal request by Midnight Eastern Standard Time on Thursdays for Payouts on Friday/Saturday of Each Week. A member is eligible for withdrawal with a minimum of $30 earned. A member is entitled to request a withdrawal for all Sparks cycled by midnight on Thursdays as long as the minimum amount has been met.
Is There A Facebook Group?
Yes. 7Sparks2Freedom has it's own private and secret Facebook group for members only and the url is :
Every Member must join this grup as it is our main source of updates and new information as we run a Private and Confidential  program.
Admin approves all members to the group and to qualiy, you must have a Registration form on record and Position Payment Conirmed.
Admin does NOT add anyone and each member must submit a personal join request. If we receive a join request or someone who does not have a Registration Form on file, we will decline to accept the join request.
What are the Requirements for Membership?
A member must be of legal age in the jurisdiction registered on their registration form. Each member must have their own separate email address.
May more than one share the same Bitcoin Wallet?
That is your personal business and payouts are made to the Bitcoin Wallet listed on your account in your back ofice.
Manners of Payments In and Out
7Sparks2Freedom accepts Bitcoin and Etherium but ALL payouts are in Bitcoin only.
Blazing 4's, owner of 7Sparks2reedom does not issue 1099's for this program. You and your tax accountant are responsible for your own record keeping and reporting of any income.
Dropped/Inactive or Otherwise Vacated Positions
All above described positions shall revert to admin positions and a reporting to the membership of all  funds earned shall be made monthly and shall be expended at the will of the majority of members.
Founder Bonuses
As advised since inception, all Founder Bonuses shall be awarded and paid as the admin positions cycle and funds become available for disbursement of bonuses. Admin positions are not profit makers and all generated income will b expended on member suggested purposes beyond the cost o doing business.
The owner and admins of 7Sparks2Freedom volunteer their time toward the operation of this program and do not take any salary from the program. Any income earned from 7Sparks2Freedom by the owner or admins in on an equal playing field with the members and is generated only from personally purchased positions.